University of Stirling

40th Anniversary



Cottrell and Pathfoot Development

The interior of Pathfoot Building, University of StirlingThe Cottrell and Pathfoot buildings have provided the cornerstones of the academic achievement of the University over the last 40 years.The major developments to the buildings are detailed below.

Right: The Pathfoot Crush Hall outside the main lecture theatre.

(circa 1970.)

From The University of Stirling, Beginnings and Today, by RG Bomont.


Date History
1968 Original Pathfoot Building built
1970 Cottrell Building development started
1979 Tropical aquarium in Pathfoot
1987 Virology unit in Pathfoot
1990 D extension in Pathfoot
1993 A extension in Pathfoot
1998 Courtroom extension to Cottrell
1998 R G Bomont Building
2002 Iris Murdoch Building
2003 Colin Bell Building

At the opening of the Pathfoot Building Lord Robbins recalled that on his first inspection of the university site:

‘I was overcome by the beauty of the setting … the most enchanting setting for a campus anywhere in this island. But the first piles of the Pathfoot building were being dug. There was much mud about. It was very messy and as I looked around I could not repress the thought, can it be that I have become Chancellor of a University which is going to ruin this marvellous landscape?... No reflection could have been more inappropriate. The Pathfoot building has won world-wide commendation as an outstanding exhibition of what the best of modern architecture can do if it pays attention to the nature of its setting.’

The University of Stirling, Beginnings and Today by RG Bomont.